Grass Fire Spreads Through Rendon Area


Kymber Cullum, News Editor

Spreading grass fires were reported today near Rendon causing two Legacy buses not to run.  Several buildings have been damaged and destroyed by the fire with cars also in its path.The damaged area was located several miles from Legacy, but was close enough to affect students attending Legacy.

“The fires were two to three miles away from my house,” senior Mark Ratterree said. “It made me a little nervous because of how close they were.”

According to the Mansfield ISD website, Legacy students who ride buses 289 and 354 were kept at the school until they could be picked up by their parents or until buses could safely transport them to their homes.

The Mansfield, Everman and Kennedale fire departments have a teamed effort to control the flames in all affected areas before the fire spreads further. Firefighters have contained most of the blaze.

“Thanks goodness we’re in an area where we have cities close by to get more man power,” Mike Thompson, a witness, said.

Because of the unusually dry, hot summer, grass fires are igniting quickly and spreading even faster. According to the Texas Forest Service along with Rendon, 186 fires have been reported in the last seven days. Texas recorded the hottest June to August temperatures in history.

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