New Faces for Drama Club

New Faces for Drama Club

Dini Wyatt, Staff Writer

On Thursday August 25 theater held their annual New Faces Drama Club Party to welcome new students into the Drama Department.

“I think the officers did a good job of planning it. It couldn’t have gone any better it is suppose to be fun,” Director Melanie McIntyre-Holmes said.

The directors and officers introduced them selves and gave students information about upcoming events,play games, and get involved in the Drama Department at the New Faces Party.

“I wish we could have had more time to do games, quest took up a lot of time, but I’m really proud of how everything went,” junior Christina Cranshaw, Theater President, said.

Even though Mrs.McIntyre-Holmes didn’t count, she believes that 60 or 70 students showed up.

“We hope that if we get at least half the kids to show up for auditions we are good. But you never know it is different from year to year. It is hard to use the party as a judgement,” Mrs. McIntyre-Holmes said.

The Drama club hopes to keep meetings going through the year with two to three meetings every semester where students who aren’t part of the productions can still be involved.

“I think people enjoy coming to new faces because it is a place where you get to have fun and you don’t have to worry about being judged about who you are,” Cranshaw said.