Students Perform Flash Mob to Win Concert, Money


Stephanie Schuljack

Julianna Di Napoli, Editor-In-Chief

Junior Stephanie Schuljak steps out on the basketball court alone. “Crazy” by The Casey Donahew Band begins to play. Schuljak then begins dancing. Students run on to the court to join her creating a flash mob.

“I was very nervous, but I loved doing it,” Schuljak said. “I feel very important and glad I could contribute.”

In order to win 95.9 The Ranch’s Friday Night Lights contest, a flash mob as been created by students and teachers as the most creative way to win. The winning school receives a private concert by The Casey Donahew Band and one college-bound senior will win a $1,000 scholarship.

“It would be amazing to hand a deserving senior $1,000.” Dena Schimming said. “The way that we are trying to win is with increased school spirit, so the fact that a student could potentially receive a scholarship for increasing moral at Legacy is very exciting.”

In order to win, students have to show their “Ranch Spirit” by tagging cars, making signs or doing something as a student body. Students may also text ‘Legacy’ to 53318 and send pictures,

A flash mob as been organized as a creative way to win. To form a flash mob, people assemble suddenly in a public place, perform a dance for a brief time then disperse. Student clubs, groups and students performed this at the Red Out pep rally and will have a second performance at the football game against Summit.

“I am always impressed at how motivated the students at Legacy can be with a common goal,” Dena Schimming said. “When they set their minds to something, there is no stopping them.”