Students Vote on Homecoming Court


Kymber Cullum, News Editor

Voting for homecoming court will take place differently than in previous years. From 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Thursday Oct. 6, Legacy students must vote online at

After logging in with the username as their school ID number and password as their birthdate (ex:0/00/0000), students may vote only one time and may vote from any computer or smart phone. If a student votes more than once, their vote will be voided. Votes must be cast for the students of their grade. Votes cast outside a student’s particular grade will not be counted.

“I’m excited about the elections because I think it’s more realistic,” Mrs. Schimming said. “When it’s time for Americans to vote, the government doesn’t show up to their second block class and say ‘Vote now,’ they actually have to take some initiative to vote.”

See Homecoming Court results here.