Des Stewart Begins to Explore New Duties

Principal David Wright shows new principal, Des Stewart around campus.

Principal David Wright shows new principal, Des Stewart around campus.

Julianna Di Napoli, Editor-In-Chief

Des Stewart will take over as Legacy’s new principal beginning Feb. 6. 

Mr. Stewart describes himself as a very friendly and warm person who plans to build relationships, help individuals achieve their academic goals and develop a love for lifelong learning.

“It’s my goal to learn something new every day. As a principal I don’t have all the right answers, as an adult I don’t have all the right answers,” Mr. Stewart said. “I’m always looking to learn.”

Mr. Stewart hopes that through his life experiences he can help the students understand the sky is the limit when it comes to educational opportunities, dedication and hard work. Mr. Stewart’s long term goal is to take Legacy High School to the next level. His ultimate goal is for Legacy High School to be recognized as a blue ribbon school.

The National Blue Ribbon Schools Program honors public and private elementary, middle, and high schools that are either high performing or have improved student achievement to high levels, especially among disadvantaged students.

“Now [Legacy] is one of the stronger schools, but I want it to be the strongest school,” Mr. Stewart said.

Mr. Stewart has a masters degree from Prairie View A&M University and has 12 years experience in education. Mr. Stewart has been the Principal at S.H. Crowley Intermediate School in the Crowley ISD. Prior to that Stewart was an Assistant Principal in the Crowley ISD, a teacher and coach in the Fort Worth ISD. He moves from T.A. Howard Middle School.

In the midst of Mr. Stewart’s transition to Legacy, things will be changing throughout the district as well. Beginning the 2012-13 school year, eight period days, EOC and STAR testing will be enacted.

“For me personally, it’s good timing because it’s the first year for the TAKS to STAR transition,” Mr. Stewart said. “It’s a good opportunity for me to get in and learn the nuts and bolts of the standardized testing system.”

Mr. Wright’s secretary, Barbara Chambers believes Legacy has a great faculty and staff therefore Mr. Stewart  will have a strong foundation to work with. She also says that Mr. Stewart will bring a fresh viewpoint, positive leadership and good change.

“It’s hard to see Mr. Wright leave but it’s exciting to have Mr. Stewart as our new leader,” Mrs. Chambers said.

Mr. Stewart looks forward to the implementation of the college and career readiness standards. He believes these standards are designed to make sure students of today are prepared and ready for college success.

“I look forward to being a part of the development of our leaders of tomorrow,” Mr. Stewart said.

His favorite thing about Legacy is the amount of respect exhibited from teacher to student and student to teacher. According to Mr. Stewart, in order for any organization to be successful, strong relationships have to be formed as well as high expectations for all.

“I want the whole Bronco Nation to understand how excited I am to be a part of such a prestigious high school and I look forward to working with all,” Mr. Stewart said.

Fun Facts
Sports: Avid golfer, former college basketball player. Favorite basketball team: Spurs, Football: Dallas Cowboys, Baseball: Rangers
Music: Avid jazz listener and owns probably 3500 CDs and about 600 movies
Family: Wife, 20 year-old-son and 8 year-old-daughter
Background: From Waco, TX. Currently working on doctorate at Stephen F. Austin University
Height: 6’6”
Favorite Candy: candy corn or the Whatchamacallit
Favorite Drink: Big Red
Best vacation: Bahamas
Most interesting: Camping Trip in Oklahoma with teammates and their wives