Students Create Board of Memes


Ben Townsend

Various “memes” hang on a board in the cafeteria.

Rebekah Rosenstein, Staff Writer

Walk into the cafeteria and you are now greeted by a cork board riddled with the widely loved and understood pop culture sensation: memes. Some may have noticed this new addition to Legacy, and many have even participated in the upkeep of it. Containing classics such as Nicolas Cage, Pepe, and Doge, the board has it all, and much more. This memo/ meme board has caught on and come to serve its own unique purpose to the school.

Parker Bonneau, 12, creator of the trend, saw the new memo board added in the cafeteria and noticed it wasn’t being properly utilized, so he took action.

“The school put it up and they weren’t using it,” Bonneau said. “So I decided it could be used to lift people’s day.”

He may have been the brains behind the operation, but Bonneau didn’t expect this new tradition to catch on as quickly as it did.

“I put up a picture of Nicolas Cage on Monday morning, and by Friday it was full,” Bonneau said. “I expected it to get taken down.”

The board doesn’t just exist within the confines of our cafeteria; it even has its own Twitter account. Posting new memes that are added, and encouraging the submission of more, @MemeBoard keeps us updated on its progress.

The meme board has been a quirky new additive to our daily routine, but one that has become comfortably accepted into the walls of Legacy.