Mission Improvable Adds Five New Faces


UPDATED 9-4-09

Hunter Canedy and Trevor Callarman pace the stage, intimidating new potential Improv members. After everyone has signed in, Trevor and Hunter explain the rules of this organization.

“Whatever you’re embarrassed to say in front of your mom or grandmother, don’t say it here, because it’s probably inappropriate for school,” Hunter Canedy said.

“And lastly, be funny and have fun. Good luck,” Ms. McIntyre said.

The first 15 hopefuls appear on the stage eager to display what they’ve got for their audition.

Two people placed themselves into awkward positions as they act out a scenario, hoping it brings a positive reaction from the audience.

Jacob Mireles shouts freeze as he stepped up to the “frozen” teens replacing one while recreating a new scenario from the awkward positions.

The game finishes and the hopeful take their places into the audience as the directors go to the stage and tell the hopeful people who has gone through. Sixty students start the audition, and around 21 stay after the first cut.

The probable members arrive on the stage as they pair in groups for the next game. The first group starts as they end a line with “Hey, remember that one time when…” and they improvise a new scenario for the new pair.

“Congratulations to the people who made it through. If you did not make it, could you please leave the auditorium?” Ms. McIntyre said.

As the auditions come to a conclusion, the confident students leave the auditorium, waiting for the next morning to see the callboard.


After over 60 people auditioned for Legacy’s improv troupe, five new members will be added to the returning eight.

Theater teacher Ms. McIntyre said the students who tried out did “an amazing job.”  The new troupe begins practice on Wednesday after school.

New Members:  Mary-Elise Eastham, Clarke Rahrig, Travis St. John, Jacob Mireles and Darius Moore.

Returning Members: Trevor Callarman, Hunter Canedy, Nadley Doerge, Kat Elvrom, Olivia Hebert, Nick Jimenez, Gregory Uribe and Madi Ward

The first performace will be Sept 9 in the PAC. Tickets are $3 at the door.