Opinion: Students Lack School Spirit

Fans cheer at the last football game on Nov. 16. Legacy lost in the first round of playoffs.

Photo by Kassidy Duncan

Fans cheer at the last football game on Nov. 16. Legacy lost in the first round of playoffs.

Students lack school spirit. StuCo launched an app, they plan spirit days and pep rallies have changed – but few students participate. Students should embrace events planned instead of complaining about the lack of school spirit because they are the root of the problem.

To start the 2018-19 school year, StuCo changed pep rallies so that they went quicker and became more streamlined. At the end of the 2017-18 year, faculty met to discuss ways to change the pep rallies because of the obvious disinterest in students. Since then, StuCo eliminated games and the Bronco Boogie took their place so everyone could participate.

StuCo also launched the Bronco Superfan app, which cost $1,500. By the end of 2018, StuCo hopes for 60 percent of the student body to have the app. Through the app, students will know about all the events Legacy puts on and have the chance to win prizes. StuCo’s effort has gone to waste, though, because of the blatant disregard for it by the majority of students.

Some students say events such as homecoming and other spirit weeks feel formal and like a chore. However, spirit derives from students’ attitudes, not based on the events. Instead of voicing their complaints, students need to get over their distaste for what StuCo works hard to plan. Students just need to get involved.

At this point, a fun high school experience no longer falls on Student Council. They have done all they can and done it well; now students have to put themselves out there. Legacy has a large population with plenty of opportunities and the only thing missing is involvement.

With participation from everyone, students’ high school experience could match the movies. Students need to attend pep rallies with pride for the school. Without school spirit, high school feels like a job, not a place of growth and experience.