The 15th Line: JV Drill Finishes 2021-22 Season


Photo by Arlo De Vera

Senior Mackenzie Jackson, right, is a JV captain and a member of the varsity drill team.

Eva Gurung, Staff Writer

The Silver Spurs made their mark in history after starting their First Line in 2007 and continued their tradition of excellence in the 2021-2022 school year with the 15th Line. Senior Makenzie Jackson served as JV Drill Team Captain and also held the position of a two-year varsity veteran. 

“I think that last year, our team bonding wasn’t the best because of COVID-19. However, our team has grown so much closer because we had more time to sit in the locker room and get to know each other,” Jackson said. 

As an officer, Jackson occasionally ran practices, taught dances, and corrected techniques. Jackson led the JV starter team with more technique-based skills, such as stationary leaps and double pirouettes. On the varsity team, dancers had acquired these specific skills and expanded on more rigorous routines such as jazz, lyrical, and military.

“In practice, when you got a step down that you’ve been working really hard on, it’s a huge relief,” Jackson said. “It’s cool because it felt like you finally got it, and even your teammates show happiness for you.”

Junior Elizabeth Bobe spent her first year on the JV team getting adjusted to the new practices. Starting at a young age, Bobe had always been involved in activities such as cheer, gymnastics, and ballet.

“I love to dance,” Bobe said. “I feel like when I’m dancing, that’s when I’m the freest, and all of my problems are gone.”

Since sophomore year, Jackson gained more experience and made new memories with her fellow dancers. 

“Having something to do every day is something that I will always remember,” Jackson said. “I feel like a lot of stuff is connected to this. Every day I come to school and I feel so happy to be a part of the team; I think that is ultimately what brought me here every day.”