Senior Goodbye

Quiroz writes about her childhood memories with her dad.

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Madison Gonzales

Quiroz writes about her childhood memories with her dad.

Writing never really fascinated me, in fact, I would slump in my chair at the thought of an essay. My aversion toward writing came from the simple fact that I did not know what to write, most of the prompts did not appeal to me which made writing feel more like a task than something I could appreciate. 

I learned about journalism after seeing a poster on the stairwell on my way to class. Although I despised writing, I soon became the newest member of the newspaper team. Little did I know, it would change my opinion toward writing. 

My first week of newspaper felt chaotic, I walked in on one of the busiest times of the year barely knowing anything about writing or what it meant to write a personality. As a shy person, I struggled to ask for help and would make mistakes but eventually, I caught up and wrote great stories along the way.

I’m glad I joined the newspaper because now I know how to express myself through my writing and I met great people because of it.