Senior Goodbye

Zach Planche, Sports Editor

When I first entered room E-O102 freshman year, I never thought I would still be going to it up to this point. Before freshman year, I had to add an elective to fill out my schedule; and I am not one to sing or play an instrument. This conundrum eventually led me to select journalism as my elective. 

With only a faint idea of what journalism was, I walked into the first day of class blindly. My main concern that day was to find friends in the class and go from there. In the beginning, I wanted to sit down, finish my work and get the class over with.

After a couple of months, my once blind eyes to the subject had been shown the world of journalism and all it could be. I had always possessed a knack for writing, so newspaper started to become a venture I wanted to pursue. I realized this whenever I was asked to join the yearbook or newspaper staff. This choice became rather easy.

In my time in the program, I’ve written enjoyable stories, stories no one else wanted to write and stories no one probably read. Like life in general, it has had its ups and downs. The collaborative aspect of journalism has kept me enticed, though.

Through journalism, I have forged lifelong friendships that have turned me into the person I am today. The trials and tribulations of not only us, but the class of 2021 have forever changed my life. With that being said, I could not imagine spending 4 years with any other program at Legacy. 

Thank you journalism and everything you have done for me.