Stuco Hosts Black Out Week


Black Out Week will run from Sept 3 to Sept 6. StuCo has planned several activities as well as dress-up days throughout the week. Junior Amber Trammell and her student council group organized the week with hopes of elevating student participation in school events.

“Black Out is a way for our students to really get in the mood for football season. It’s one of the first games and really sets the stage for students to get hyped about sports,” Trammell said.

At 10:10 on Sep. 6, students will be released for a pep rally in the spectator gym. Pep rallies will no longer happen at the end of a school day. StuCo also encourages students to wear all black clothing, face paint and beads to the Black Out game at Crowley on Sept 6 at 7:00 p.m. 

“The pep rallies in the middle of the day will help school spirit because more students will be at the pep rallies and they get to go through the rest of the day with the excitement of the upcoming game,” Trammell said.

The dress-up days stem around the theme chosen by the student council, ‘We Got the Beat.’ Each day has a song that will play over the announcements.

Tuesday: ‘Let’s Get Physical’ – wear workout or athletic attire

Wednesday: ‘Sweet Dreams are Made of These’ – PJ day

Thursday: ‘Thrift Shop’ – wear vintage gear

Friday: ‘We are the Champions’ – Black Out shirt 

“The theme is focused on 80s/90s throwbacks and will be a lot of fun,” Trammell said.