Fine Arts Uses FlipGrid


To give students a creative outlet while home during the COVID-19 outbreak, Fine Arts Chair Jeremy Ferman created a Flipgrid for any Legacy student or teacher to join and make a 90-second video. 

“I hope that students will get a sense of community,” Ferman said. “People crave to be a part of something. This gives us something to do that is specific.” 

Ferman came up with the idea to create a grid after he saw a tweet about the Keller ISD Fine Arts Department creating one. While Ferman has a wife and two daughters at home to keep him occupied, he misses his students. The grid gives all students and teachers a chance to interact despite not being in school. 

“I want teachers to get involved,” Ferman said. “We have many talented teachers at Legacy and I want to see what they can do too.” 

Junior Hannah Olivarez submitted an improvised skit to Flipgrid on March 20 after being up late and bored. Olivarez believes the grid will keep people active in the arts and connected in general, but also understands the courage it takes to post a video for people to view. 

“It’s not like we can actually have fine arts classes right now,” Olivarez said. “This is a nice way to see my friends and make sure they are doing all right, and still have fun during such a bad time.” 

Ferman encourages all students and teachers to contribute to the grid, even students from other MISD schools as long as they state which school they attend. 

“We are all in this predicament,” Ferman said. “Let’s all come together and celebrate all of our talents.” 

Students can access the Legacy Flipgrid by clicking here