Dress Code Reminder


Kymber Cullum, News Editor

Junior Kit Caudill places the hanger on the rack and walks away. For the third time she has picked up clothing inappropriate for school.

“Tank tops are so cute, but sometimes the straps are smaller than three inches. I always have to be careful about that,” Caudill said.

As a continuing policy, no clothing endorsing gangs, drugs, alcohol, weapons or any other illegal possessions are acceptable for school attire. When purchasing clothes, keep in mind holes in clothing will not be tolerated. Patched holes and holey jeans with leggings underneath are also not allowed. All straps must be at least three inches wide, the three finger rule no longer applies. Shirts must be long enough to cover the midriff area. Shorts, skirts and skorts can be no shorter than five inches above the knee. For a good estimate, hold an index card vertically at the knee. If the end of the shorts do not touch the card they are too short. Another tip:  if you have to ask, they’re inappropriate.

“The dress code policy really limits my choice of jeans when shopping for the new school year because a lot of them have holes these days, and I can’t buy a lot of dresses because most of them are too short for school” Caudill said.
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Any student out of dress code will be sent to AC in the morning and given the opportunity to correct their dress code infraction by calling their parents to bring them a change of clothes. If a student caught out of dress code after the morning tardy bell rings brought extra clothes to school with them, they will not be allowed to change unless more clothes are brought by a parent. A student caught before the tardy bell rings will be given the opportunity to change.

“The rules change when the bell rings in the morning.  It’s not right to let a student out of AC who brought their own clothes because they knew when they came to school they were out of dress code,” Assistant Principal John Contreras said.