STUCO Launches Superfan To Boost School Spirit

At the Oklahoma game against Jenks High School, Keslyn King, 12, cheers. Legacy lost 35-14 on August 31.

Kassidy Duncan

At the Oklahoma game against Jenks High School, Keslyn King, 12, cheers. Legacy lost 35-14 on August 31.

Student Council launched a Superfan app — a new promotion to encourage schoolwide participation in Legacy-related events. Superfan allows students to compete against each other to gain points and win prizes. Ms.Kenna Cavnar, STUCO sponsor and teen leadership teacher, hopes the new project will encourage students to attend events throughout the year.

“Legacy doesn’t have a great record of attending events,” Ms. Cavnar said. “We want people to attend the concerts and the plays and all of the things that we have here to offer because we have such a rich environment here at Legacy, and people just don’t take advantage of it.”

Each time a student attends an event such as a football game, dance recital, theater play, band concert students will fill out a Legacy Staff SUPER-FAN form, take a picture of themselves at the event and publish it on social media. Students can either tweet it out to @LegacyStuCo; Facebook @lhsbroncostuco or Instagram @lhsbroncostuco using the #broncosuperfan18 or #broncosuperfanawesome. By doing this, STUCO tracks the number of people who attend events making it possible to earn points.

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“We’re hoping that with this contest the competition will push people to be involved and to go out and support each other, and just basically create an awesome community here at Legacy,” Ms. Cavnar said.

The district does not financially support Superfan, and STUCO fundraisers covered the cost of the project. Ms. Cavnar estimates $4,000-5,000 will be invested in it by the end of the year. STUCO received approval for the new Superfan app they developed for students and teachers. The app would simplify point managing, send out instant winner notifications and count event attendance.

“We’ve invested in it, we’re spending our money on it and we think this will be a great thing for Legacy. We think it’s a valuable investment, and we’re investing student money because when you all by t-shirts and root beer floats we put that money back into the school,” Ms.Cavnar said. “It’s going back to the people that deserve it.”

The winner with the most points during the month of October will win two Taylor Swift concert tickets. Students will have the opportunity to win prizes during the school year dress-up days and spirit weeks – such as Project Care (Oct.1-5), Homecoming (Oct.8-12), Red Ribbon (Oct.29-Nov.2) and Hero week (Nov.12-16).

‘’We’re really excited about the Taylor Swift promotion. We’re hoping that it will get everybody’s attention and it’ll kick off,” Ms.Cavnar said.

Teachers and staff can also participate and win prizes through Superfan. The teacher with the most points will win a free conference period at the end of each six weeks and a day off at the end of the year. Apart from prizes and school events, STUCO members encourage teachers and students to participate in Superfan. Junior Jeffrey Chanta agrees with this due to the change in attitude on behalf of the students already showing school spirit.

“I think it’s going to be a big success this year. I can tell that a lot of people are starting to have school spirit,” Chanta said. “Everyone’s saying go big or go home.”