StuCo hosts Project CARE


Graphic by Matthew McCoy

Legacy StuCo will host Project CARE Week from Sept. 30 to Oct. 4. CARE stands for Cancer Awareness and Research Education. Students will wear different colors each day of the week to represent each cancer awareness.  Project Care Week is an annual event students participate in to raise money and support cancer research. All donations this year will go to UT Southwest Moncrief Cancer Center

“Bringing Project CARE in allows students to be able to focus they can give money, they can buy a shirt, they can celebrate and they can educate themselves,” Ms. Kenna Cavnar said. “It just brings everyone together for a single cause.” 

Below is the list of activities for every day of the week. 

Wear blue in support of Colorectal Cancer awareness, buy cancer ribbons during all lunches and pay one dollar for preferred song choice.

Shine bright and wear yellow in support of Sarcoma awareness. Throw a pie at your favorite teacher and AP.

Pink out in support of Breast Cancer awareness donate money to Race to Raise

White Out and HOCO DJ hype up session during all lunches

Field Day, buy a Project CARE Week shirt or wristband.